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GlobalUnies Terms of Service

Terms of Service of globalunies.com a website and related services owned by UMIFA and Unilak Group.

Globalunies.com is a cyber platform to accommodate companies, institutions, and individuals to advertise E-learning and related services of all categories and a directory of instructors, students, and educational institutes worldwide.

There are many categories related to products & services of a vast range of industries from around the world. Such is made available for the best customer experience.

All advertisements are created and posted by advertisers themselves. Therefore globalunies.com (our/we/us) service is publishing the advertisements posted by advertisers.

We cannot verify ownerships or get involved in any other legalities of advertised products or services at all. Please contact advertisers directly and make thorough inquiries and verifications to your fullest satisfaction before entering into any transactions at your own discretion. Once you contact the advertiser by internal messaging, we will have proof for mediation if needed. Your connection with globalunies.com is considered as ceased if any contact is made out of globalunies.com.

Please note that globalunies.com will NOT mediate any misunderstandings, disputes, conflicts of any description that arises in connection with the communication, reservation, purchase sale, or after the sale of products or services or their guarantees which were advertised on globalunies.com and dealt with outside globalunies.com service.

All such issues are solely between the Advertiser/ Students/Instructor (institution or person who offered and sold the service to the students) and Buyer (the institution or person who purchased the product or service from the Seller). globalunies.com cannot be held liable for any losses, damages, or wrongdoing on behalf of the Buyer or Seller under any circumstances. Under no circumstances will globalunies.com be liable for any technical, indirect, incidental consequential, special or punitive, or any other descriptive damages, including without limitation liability, negligence, or any damages whatsoever resulting from any use or inability to use globalunies.com. We do not accept any liabilities for loss of profit, loss of data, resulting from advertised or your use of the service, even if globalunies.com has been advised of such possibility. globalunies.com does not vet the advertisers or verify their content. Hence will take no guarantee for services provided by the advertisers.

Similarly, globalunies.com cannot be held liable for any content on the website. globalunies.com is hosted using cutting-edge technology in the USA in the latest Linux servers to gain very fast upload and 99% uptime. Despite all efforts, technology can fail. Therefore globalunies.com does not guarantee, the service will be error-free uninterrupted or your data will not be lost, or any defects in the service will be corrected immediately. The pages contained in this website may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. We accept no responsibility for keeping the information in these pages up to date or liability for any failure to do so.

By using globalunies.com, you agree that you are solely responsible for the accuracy of all information provided and published in your advertisement on the website. Any miss-information spam abuse or fraud if found will be reported to law enforcement authorities and any other affected parties if required. Users are responsible for all communications among themselves.globalunies.com can be used ONLY for lawful purposes in accordance with these terms of services.

Users agree to honor our intellectual property rights and agree to provide us with accurate information as necessary and take full responsibility for the information user provides. globalunies.com as an advertiser is very concerned about customer experience. Therefore we monitor the quality of content and photos uploaded by our advertisers. It is a well-known fact that poor customer experience does not deliver good results. In case of poor content clarity or photo quality, we may request you to edit your advertisement. This is with no offense but for better customer experience and good results for our advertisers, hence done in good faith.

globalunies.com has the right to remove any advertised content fully or partially at its own discretion without any consultation with advertisers. This usually happens in case of offensive, spam, inappropriate, misleading content advertised on the website. Users of this website accept cookies and accept terms and conditions. Thereby releasing globalunies.com from any liabilities. If you disagree with the Terms of services fully or any part of it the sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the service.

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